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EP002 "The Real Guardians of the Galaxy"

Explore the FACTS & MYTHS of real-world cybersecurity careers with two experts in the field! Both of our guests are successful cybersecurity experts and educators and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the show!


  • What is cybersecurity?

  • The Pathways: Degree vs Cert vs Self-Taught

  • The Big Picture: Opportunities abound!

  • The Many Branches & Disciplines

  • Do you have to be a technical genius?

  • What academic skills are needed?

  • Onramps to Entry

  • Government vs Private Sector Careers

  • Career Outlook: Income stats, advancement, and benefits

  • How do you get started?

  • Myths About Cybersecurity Careers

  • Real-World Success Stories

This educational broadcast is being held at no cost to participants and is an outreach for the Digital Edge TV educational vocational/lifeskills program offered by Life Connections of the Carolinas, Inc. a registered 501c3 organization.


  • Viewers must REGISTER IN ADVANCE for the free Zoom broadcast

  • Our guests will be interviewed in a fun, high-energy virtual TV talk show format streamed directly into Zoom

  • Viewers will watch LIVE via our Zoom meeting room and will interact with our moderators, sharing thoughts and comments via chat

  • During the audience participation segment, viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with our guests in real-time

  • There will be a fun interactive quiz at the end using Kahoot! Instructions and links will be given through the Zoom broadcast, but to best prepare, should you wish to take the quiz, you will need to have a separate phone available which is not tied up using Zoom.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON VIEWER PARTICIPATION AND TERMS OF PARTICIPATION: This broadcast is NOT being sent live to YouTube, Facebook or any other social media channels. It is being broadcast exclusively to Zoom, and being recorded in our studio for future editing and release. Our room will be moderated behind the scenes by qualified professionals and no personal information will be shared. The Zoom participants will be brought into the show on occasion during interactive segments and the resulting video capture from those segments will be integrated into the final edit of the show prior to launching the full finished program on our social and streaming media channels. By participating as a view you are giving the producers full rights to utilize your image, voice, likeness, and chat comments in the final edit of the show. These rights are in perpetuity and it is completely understood that there is no compensation being offered for participants. It is the viewer's/participant's responsibility to hide their Zoom name and/or video image should they not wish to be on-camera in the final edit of the show. QUESTIONS ABOUT PARTICIPATION? Send an email to DETV Producer Sam Ettaro at



Daron Moore: Daron is an Master Teacher and Cybersecurity Expert with over 20 years of experience in STEM and cybersecurity. He is the owner and founder of Moore Cyber Ed LLC a cybersecurity training organization, and he currently is a cybersecurity subject matter expert and instructor in support of the Department of Homeland Security.

Adrian Sheppard: Adrian is a retired United States Air Force member with over 24 years of experience managing, administering, and supporting multi-million dollar cybersecurity, data analysis, and critical information technology programs stateside and overseas.

He holds a BS and MBA from Webster University and for the past 16 years Adrian has provided services as a cybersecurity consultant to several Department of Defense and Federal government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. These efforts and/or services include security control assessments, developing and delivering training/course-ware material, range operations, and facilitating exercises.



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