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  • Is there a cost to students?
    Tuition and program expenses are all covered 100% by our funding sources for qualified students with the exception of travel and home internet access. Our students will be responsible to show up on time and take part in online educational sessions. Life Connections of the Carolinas offers a variety of support programs that can help students who are in need, however. We're there to help our students succeed on all levels.
  • Is Digital Edge TV a not-for-profit venture?
    Digital Edge TV is an original program developed and offered by Sam Ettaro. Ettaro's company, Ettaro Media, LLC is a private company and does not hold non-profit status. Ettaro Media, LLC is a contractor with Life Connections of the Carolinas, Inc., offering their original programming exclusively through that entity which is a registered 501c3 organization.
  • Can I use Digital Edge TV in my classroom as educational programming?
    By all means! The point of Digital Edge TV is to create not only engaging career exploration TV shows, but also associated curriculum materials that can be used by partnering organizations to help their students dig deeper into career exploration. Our video programming is offered for free to our partners via our YouTube and social media channels. If you are interested in partnering with us to use our online course materials or to arrange for a collaborative livestreaming event, please contact Producer, Sam Ettaro at
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