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Your success story can motivate and inspire the next generation... 

Digital Edge TV offers you and your business unique opportunities to affect the lives of young job-seekers by offering direct access to your experience and knowledge, cooperative educational opportunities, and program sponsorships.

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Need Help Getting Started?

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Digital Edge TV Participants Work Directly With Professionals To Build...

  • Self-Confidence

  • Career & Community Connections

  • Sense of Purpose

  • Entrepreneurial Vision & Foundations

  • Soft & Technical Skills Development

  • Professional Portfolios

  • Professional Certification Opportunities

  • Real-World Work Opportunities

Digital Edge TV is a win/win for all involved... 

Non-Profit Entities...
Digital Edge TV supports non-profits to help them increase the effectiveness of their programs through the effective use of digital media technologies.  

Digital Edge TV offers local businesses unique opportunities to gain highly-qualified interns and employees.

Emerging Adults... Digital Edge TV provides real-world training and career opportunities for emerging adults (18-24) needing assistance with re-entry, recovery, and career advancement.

Distance learners...
Digital Edge TV live streams, videos, and online short courses are available to schools, justice and rehab programs, and other non-profit organizations. 

Sponsor or be a guest on Digital Edge TV!

Are you a business person with experience to share as a guest on Digital Edge TV?  Would you like to sponsor and support Digital Edge TV?   CLICK HERE to download our flyer in PDF format for more information on ways you can get involved!

Successful participants will qualify to receive a laptop computer, opportunities to gain professional certifications, and real-world workplace learning placements.

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Digital Edge TV is offered exclusively through Life Connections of the Carolinas, Incorporated, a 501c3 organization based in Charlotte, NC.  Simply put, Life Connections helps keep kids out of jail & keep families connected.  We provide restorative practices designed to develop adolescents and strengthen homes.

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