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EP003 "Digital Media Basics 101"

Digital Media Basics 101

An interactive LIVE introduction to advanced livestreaming technologies and exploration of opportunities to learn the digital media arts while serving your community!

The DIGITAL EDGE TV program uses a unique “project-based learning” approach to train participants in the digital media arts as they produce engaging educational TV shows for the benefit of others...all while conducting meaningful career exploration of today’s hottest career fields!   Join us for a live version of this show and explore the technology and systems of an advanced mobile broadcast studio!  We will also be discussing upcoming opportunities for you to take part in community service-learning projects that will help our nonprofit partners.   Whether you are an adult looking for a new career skillset or a young person exploring your career options, we hope to see you there in person, but you can also join ONLINE via Zoom!!!

Wednesday, March 27th 6pm

Sugaw Creek Recreation Center

943 W Sugar Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28213

30 Seats Available | Open To All Ages!

For More Information (980) 357-5742


  • Technology Advancements

  • Fundamentals of Equipment and Software

  • Communication Skills

  • Finding Your Purpose

  • Meet Successful Professionals

This educational broadcast is being held at no cost to participants and is an outreach for the Digital Edge TV educational vocational/lifeskills program in partnership with a registered 501c3 organization based in Charlotte, NC.

JOIN SCION MEDIA's POOL OF CREATORS: EXPERIENCE  real “workplace training” opportunities MEET  and learn from successful business people

GAIN  job-readiness & digital media production skills

RECEIVE  business & personal development training

EXPLORE  the hottest career fields





Charles Robinson

Charlotte, NC (in person) TOPIC: The power of community. ABOUT OUR GUEST: Charles Robinson is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina and is a true link of the community who believes that everyone has a purpose, especially the youth of today. He serves as the Founder of One Time Inc. Charles has been working in the community for more than a decade with various organizations. He is a licensed notary public, a North Carolina Peer Support Specialist, was nominated for the Mayor’s Mentoring Alliance Award for Mentor of the Year in 2018, was a Black Man Rock recipient in 2019 for his commitment to community, and was awarded by CUC 100 a Humanitarian Certificate for his continuing support in meeting the community right where it is. He is truly a servant of the community.

Charles Robinson is determined to provide communities with opportunities to pursue dreams and achieve goals. In conjunction with paving the way for academic success, Robinson’s objective is to stop violence in a community that is already beset by a host of challenges. He works on building Charlotte North Carolina by going into our hard-hit areas with programs aimed to help at-risk youth. He also annually coordinates a host of organizations and collaborates to provide free backpacks and other supplies for the upcoming school years. He has been determined to help not only at-risk youth but young adults, veterans, and homeless families. The goal is to break the cycle of poverty and generational stigmas.


Layla Bluefort

Charlotte, NC (in person) College alternatives: Careers in the skilled trades. ABOUT OUR GUEST: Layla Bluefort, MSW is an alumna of Johnson C. Smith University and the University of South Carolina. She is the mom of 3 adult daughters. She is known by many as Ms. “Momma I don’t want to go to College”!  She is very vocal about her biggest regret as a mom was that she only exposed her daughters to 4-year Universities while they were growing up. In her household the rule was get good grades and go to a College because that is how society determined that she did a good job as a mother. She’s now using her platform to show the importance of parents exposing their children to every Post-graduate opportunity regardless of their grades. She is now the Proud mother of a “College Drop Out”! The "Momma, I Don't Want to Go to College" Website:


Dr. Harry Jackson Reston, VA (virtual)

TOPIC: How do you know if college is right for you?

Is college the only path to success? Dr. Jackson discusses the importance of considering various factors such as personal goals, interests, career aspirations, and financial situation before making a decision about pursuing higher education. He provides insight into the pros and cons of college, alternative paths to success, and tips for making an informed decision that aligns with your individual needs and aspirations. Ultimately, the key message is that college may be the right choice for some individuals, but it's not the only path to success!

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Dr. Jackson is President and CEO, HRJ & Associates LLC, a cybersecurity consulting firm. He has a Doctorate in Strategic Security from Henley-Putnam University, a Master of Science in Government Information Systems, a Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer graduate certificates from National Defense University, a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College, a Master of Arts in Strategic Intelligence Studies from American Military University, and a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering from the United States Naval Academy.

Dr. Jackson is the first African American to be named president of the elite Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology PTSA and has extensive experience in education, program management, acquisition and cybersecurity. He is a professor at numerous colleges and universities, a recognized expert in industry-standard cyber security certifications, and a specialist in diversity in gifted education.

Dr. Jackson was the Vice President of the Fairfax County Association for the Gifted, where he also chairs the organization’s diversity committee and works on policy to address the K-8 educational pipeline impacting underrepresented communities. Dr. Jackson has held leadership positions in several other educational advocacy organizations, including Parents Defending Education, Coalition For TJ and the Black Student Fund.

He has published columns in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and the Fairfax Times. He has appeared on CNN, Fox News and numerous media outlets.


Corey Nery-Guity

Orlando, FL  (virtual)

TOPIC: Core concepts of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Words of advice for budding visionaries? Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle and mindset of responsible development. Key aspects include decision-making, patience, prayer, and leadership. However, the most important skill we must learn to excel in life and business is leveraging our skills for growth. Volunteering is a great way to exercise that muscle because you'll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources. Learning how to use them effectively is the work. College may not be the route for you, but education is a currency that transcends any classroom.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Corey is a serial entrepreneur and brand champion who recently became the leader of an incredible nonprofit organization in FL. The CLIC (Community Life Improvement Center) specializes in community development through personal development, helping underserved youth find their value and defy stereotypes through strategic workshops and transformative leadership.

The CLIC Website:


Pastor Willie Maldonado

Chicago, IL (virtual)

Stay focused on one's dreams and build the life you envision.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Willie Maldonado has been a church and community leader for over three decades, with twenty-three years’ experience pastoring several congregations. He has been the executive director, producer, and host of 7 radio programs and a TV show called “REALIDADES” (REALITIES). Pastor Maldonado has invested his life in the well-being of the community at large in the City of Chicago. Driven by his vision and commitment to create positive and sustainable change in the community, he has served on the board of directors for many community-based and church organizations. Willie Maldonado has been engaged in community development activities for over twenty-eight years, working for better communities for all residents through community grassroots organizing, stake holder partnerships, and working with elected officials. Because of his commitment and engagement he has received many community recognition awards as an acknowledgement for his contributions to the community.

In 2017 he founded Willie Maldonado World Ministries, with the mission to help people of all nationalities know and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. This will be accomplished through evangelism, affirmation, discipleship, appointing and commissioning them to carry out the Great Commission by means of the Great Commandment. Willie Maldonado has been married thirty one years to his wife Nancy Maldonado and together they have six adult children and five grandchildren.

Some of Willie Maldonado’s ministerial and social trainings and studies include: International Bible Institute (Chicago), University of Illinois at Chicago Community Organizing Trainings (UIC), DeVos Urban Leadership Initiate (National), Biblical Counseling Center (Chicago), Ministerios de Impacto Global Inc. (Global Impact Ministries) Isabela PR. for Apostolic ministry (International), Certification of Studio Producer and Field Producer (CAN TV) Chicago.


Christopher Weedon

Charlotte, NC (virtual)

TOPIC: Encouragement and inspiration regarding mental health and overall wellness.


Christopher Weedon is the founder of Mentally Shredded, an organization dedicated to mental health advocacy and personal development. Fueled by his own journey of overcoming mental health challenges, Christopher established Mentally Shredded to provide support, empowerment, and hope to individuals facing similar struggles. Through innovative programs and initiatives, Christopher is committed to challenging stigma, promoting holistic well-being, and creating inclusive communities where everyone feels valued and supported. His passion for mental health advocacy and dedication to making a positive impact drive his work at Mentally Shredded, inspiring others to join the movement and prioritize their mental wellness.

Why is my mental health and physical well-being so closely tied to my career potential ?

Prioritizing mental health and wellness is essential for a fulfilling life, not only for yourself but also for those you care about. Many people talk about mental health these days, wondering if they need therapy or if something is wrong with them. The truth is, not necessarily. The key question is: what are you filling your cup with? Every day, from the moment we wake up to the moment we sleep, we're programming our brains with our choices. For me, success meant finding peace and gaining control over my time. I conducted a self-audit, examining everything from the media I consumed to the company I kept. I intentionally filled my cup with positivity, aligning with the person I aspired to be. It wasn't easy, but building a routine of positive habits—exercise, nutrition, and saying no to negativity—transformed my life. If you're not content with your current situation, identify your goals and reassess what you're filling your cup with. Conducting this self-audit is the first step toward achieving holistic success—mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. Trust me, the results are worth it. The Mentally Shredded Website:



  • In-person guests can register at the Sugaw Creek Rec Center front desk or register ONLINE at the Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Event Page

  • Viewers must REGISTER IN ADVANCE for the free Zoom broadcast

  • Our guests will be interviewed in a fun, high-energy virtual TV talk show format streamed directly into Zoom

  • Viewers will watch LIVE via our Zoom meeting room and will interact with our moderators, sharing thoughts and comments via chat

  • During the audience participation segment, viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with our guests in real-time

  • There will be a fun interactive quiz at the end using Kahoot! Instructions and links will be given through the Zoom broadcast, but to best prepare, should you wish to take the quiz, you will need to have a separate phone available which is not tied up using Zoom.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON VIEWER PARTICIPATION AND TERMS OF PARTICIPATION: This broadcast is NOT being sent live to YouTube, Facebook or any other social media channels. It is being broadcast exclusively to Zoom, and being recorded in our studio for future editing and release. Our room will be moderated behind the scenes by qualified professionals and no personal information will be shared. The Zoom participants will be brought into the show on occasion during interactive segments and the resulting video capture from those segments will be integrated into the final edit of the show prior to launching the full finished program on our social and streaming media channels. By participating as a view you are giving the producers full rights to utilize your image, voice, likeness, and chat comments in the final edit of the show. These rights are in perpetuity and it is completely understood that there is no compensation being offered for participants. It is the viewer's/participant's responsibility to hide their Zoom name and/or video image should they not wish to be on-camera in the final edit of the show. QUESTIONS ABOUT PARTICIPATION? Send an email to DETV Producer Sam Ettaro at



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